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Rigid Industries 10" ADAPT LIGHT BAR

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RIGID Industries Off Road Lighting - Own The Night!

The RIGID® Adapt™ LED Light Bars are the world’s first off-road lighting products that can change instantly according to conditions. Adapt offers 8 selectable beam patterns that range from a 90-degree broad short-distance beam to a highly focused 15-degree long-distance spot beam in a single fixture. It also includes RIGID’s new Active View™ Technology, which allows the beam pattern to actively adjust with vehicle speed.

There are no moving parts within the Adapt. Instead, RIGID uses advanced LED technology and combines it with patented new optics to create a revolutionary lighting solution that can Adapt to changing conditions. Further, Adapt has built-in accent lighting that can be set to any color in the light spectrum, including white, for a custom look around town.

The Adapt has a signature new look that is unlike any other light bar on the market, and it even has expanded mounting capabilities that include new base-mounting options in addition to traditional side mounts. Adapt LED light bars to include a RIGID Dash Controller, which is a molded backlit dash-mounted unit that offers easy, intuitive control of Adapt’s beam patterns, Adaptive Mode, accent lighting, and programmable presets.

RIGID Adapt Light Bars are available in 10-inch to 50-inch lengths and include a RIGID Dash Controller, Under Dash Module, wiring harness, and mounting hardware. With the RIGID Adapt, it has never been easier to Own the Night.

All lights come with the following:

  • 2 Powder Coated, L-shape brackets
  • Deutsch Connector (4inch-10inch)
  • Open Leads, No Connector (20inch-50inch)
  • Harness w/Switch

Please contact us for mounting options to be sure you have the correct mounts for your vehicle. Call 215-257-3300